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Sumeet Sarkar 
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Hi there and welcome to my website! 
I've left a short bio and one sheet that you're more than welcome to explore if we have not met yet,

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  • A Discography with other artists I have worked with

  • A little animation I rescored for my thesis at Berklee

  • Insight into an Emmy Award Winning documentary: "Imagination off the Charts"

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Orchestral Reel

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Cymatic Chronicles//

I go by the name orchestereo for my personal works in a realm to feature the technology I create with augmented reality along with my minimal compositions and string textures.

The Cymatic Chronicles project has a dear place in my heart where I aim to cater music for depression and deep meditation for my audience. 

All works can be found through streaming services and are based on real life events occurring around us whether personal or an empath

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Click on album arts to listen on Spotify!

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I had the pleasure of meeting Jacob Collier in 2016 and working together to assemble and manage a 200 piece orchestra consisting of musicians from 70+ countries from the Berklee College of Music, MIT and the New England Conservatory community.
The event had been documented and received a New England Emmy Award in the Entertainment category.
In 2018 we reunited and premiered his album
Djesse Volume.2. Check out some of his works at